Set against a sweeping historical fresque, the epic tale of a great love story thwarted by fortune and men's will...

1758-61: a turbulent period bridging the collapse of New France and the establishment of the British regime. An "era of passions". This tragic love story of a young peasant girl from the lower Saint Laurent River and a dashing adventurer is based on fact. As their passionate destiny advances inexorably, driven by fate, it mirrors another story that's already been written: France's abandon of Canada.

François Le Gardeur is a daring, adventurous young man. He rejects his family who he finds too bourgeois, preferring to roam in the forests and live with the American Indians (know as "the savages" by the settlers). Returning from hunting, he hastens back to Quebec. Too late: his father died three days early, leaving his son an inheritance that will bring him more grief than happiness. Le Gardeur soon discovers that his father was wheeling and dealing on a massive scale with Intendant Bigot. Their financial scams will eventually contribute to the fall of New France.

The day after his return Le Gardeur meets Marie-Loup, the miller Carignan's daughter, on the market square. It's love at first sight. Marie-Loup is a determined young woman despite her modest origins, in advance of her era. Her outspoken attitude and free spirit is criticized by Father Blondeau, although his rebukes are tinged with indulgence as the poor man is secretly in love with her. And her friendship with "the savages" is frowned upon by the local people - she's rumoured to have "witch's powers" because she uses the shaman's remedies for healing the sick.

Faith. Abandonment. To believe in eternal love. To abandon a country, a woman. The faith of the priest who resists the invader by becoming his ally. The faith of Marie who will give everything. The faith of Le Gardeur who will give everything too. The abandon of the Nouvelle-France by the mother country. The Characters are in foreground. We follow them, they are living their passion right in front of us. We don't want to see them die, we don't want to see them abandon us. We have faith, love should prevail. Or not. And History is in the background. Bouncing back the themes in echo. Overwhelming us with its splendour, it's force. It's treachery.